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Why Bid On and Buy Wine and Spirits from Iron Gate Auctions?

  • Find back vintage wines not available at local retailers
  • Trusted provider to the wine collector community for over 17 years
  • Lowest buyer premium and tax rate in Canada
  • $20/case refrigerated shipping to Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal through our trusted shipping company
  • Our commitment to provenance
  • Our support team
  • Easy to navigate sales platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Spirits and Wine From Iron Gate Auctions

Q: Do I need a credit card to bid?

A: Yes, we authorize your credit card for $1 USD in order to place bids to ensure that it is yours and authorized. If you would rather wire the funds following the auction, please let us know and we’ll make arrangements so that your card is not automatically charged.

Q: How does your buyer premium compare to other wine and spirits auctions?

A: Buyer premiums are typically 20% with some as high as 24%. Iron Gate’s buyer premium is 17.5%, the lowest in Canada.

Q: What sales tax is payable?

A: We transfer title of the product in Alberta which has the lowest tax rate in Canada at 5%. We suggest that you check your own country or province’s tax rate to see if anything additional is payable. Iron Gate Auctions sells to collectors from all over the world and it’s not feasible for us to know what might be applicable in your jurisdiction.

Q: How do I know the provenance of these wines and how they’ve been stored?

A: When we do larger collections from the same consignor we’ll often add a write up in the “Provenance” section of each wine. In some cases there’s only a couple bottles per consignor so we don’t go to that length.  Each and every bottle however has been screened to come from the proper storage conditions, often from clients we have known in our 17 years in the wine storage business.  We go to great lengths to make sure the collection has been properly taken care of before we accept it.

Q: If I live in another country or province, will you ship to me?

A: Iron Gate Auctions does not ship but has contracted the responsibility of that to a separate shipping company.  You will be advised of the simple steps to have them ship at your direction immediately following each auction. It is your responsibility to know of any restrictions, taxes or duties that might be applicable in your country, state or province and manage those directly. Iron Gate Auctions Inc. is an Alberta corporation, licensed in Alberta, and we transfer title of wine you purchase, to you, in Alberta. Please know your local restrictions prior to bidding.

Q: How much does it cost to ship my wine to me?

A: (Commercial auctions only, not available for charity auctions), shipping is only $20 per order to your door to the cities of Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary.  Please note: you will be contacted and billed by Calgary Shipping directly as Iron Gate Auctions does not ship.

Q: Why don’t all the bids close at the same time instead of over 2 hours?

A: Staggered bidding is employed to make it easier for people who have numerous lots their bidding on.  Historically, 30%-40% of bidding can happen within the last 3 hours of an auction and often times a flurry of bidding in the last 15 minutes.  If everything closes at the same time, and you’re bidding on multiple lots, this would be very difficult to manage.

Q: Why aren’t all the condition details written in the description

A: Condition details are necessary when the auction house uses a generic photo of a wine or no photo at all.  Iron Gate goes to great lengths to provide high-definition photos of each and every bottle so you can zoom in and see exact label conditions and ullage.  If you want further information on a bottle, just ask!

Q: What wines do you accept for consignment if I have some to sell

A: We accept all types of wine providing the provenance is sound, the quality is good, the drinkability is solid and the value is reasonable.  Please contact [email protected] with a list of wine you’re considering and we’ll provide you with our assistance.

Q: What is the difference between Iron Gate’s charity auctions and Iron Gate’s normal auctions?

A: Iron Gate works with charities to raise money by having them solicit their base for donations of wine which we then list on our platform and sell on their behalf.  Depending on the province, these may or may not be subject to sales tax but we will always advise on the homepage during the auction.  In every case they do not have a buyer premium attached which automatically is a 17.5% saving for the buyer.  It’s important to note that while Iron Gate spends a great deal of time and effort ensuring the provenance of wine we sell in our commercial (non-charity) auctions, we do not do this for charity auctions.  Any recourse for lots that are substandard should be addressed to each charity directly.